Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the use of sophisticated mathematical models using past price movement to predict future price movement to gain a trading edge. Smart people have developed hundreds of indicators in an effort to find the “magic bullet” chart pattern that never loses.

The good news is applying a technical indicator to a chart is no longer the painstaking and manual process it used to be. It’s now easy for inexperienced, part-time traders to use technical analysis to gain an edge to improve their base winning percentage. The bad news is it’s now possible to add too many indicators which provide conflicting indications and causing confusion and paralysis.

The purpose of this course is to give you a good foundation for understanding the market structure. This approach to the market is simple, but effective.

Volume, Time, Price, and Charting Styles

This video will give you a good primer on some fundamental charting concepts that can be individualized to fit your needs for trade frequency.

Market Structure

Market structure uses a combination of trend lines with support and resistance areas to identify trends, trend changes, and price movement to aid in timing entries and exits.

Technical Indicators

Technical indicators are a further way to identify market structure and to further refine your edge techniques.

Technical Analysis Core Concepts

More and more traders subscribe to the idea that everything that can be known about a company is already priced into the chart. This video provides further refinement in your understanding of charting concepts. Knowledge is power…it also reduces fear.