Using Probabilities: A Great Way to Trade

(702) 420-2526 Let’s Talk using probabilities: A great way to trade Published November 11, 2020           Updated November 2, 2021 People who pay others like brokers, financial advisors, or IRA custodians to help them grow their money are frequently taken advantage of by the very experts they pay to manage their […]

What Would It Take You to Give You a Feeling of Financial Freedom?

(702) 420-2526 Let’s Talk What Would it take you to give you a feeling of financial freedom? Published December 4, 2020           Updated November 2, 2021 If you look at the size of your retirement and wonder if you’ll ever be able to retire….or if you carry a heavy financial burden […]

Money VS. Rules

(702) 420-2526 Let’s Talk Money VS rules Published October 13, 2020           Updated November 1, 2021 What Process Works Best For You Trading causes stress and stress causes us to make decisions along familiar mental and emotional patterns. Without matching your risk tolerance to the statistical probabilities of your trading system, […]

Wealth Creation Cycle’s Two Parts

(702) 420-2526 Let’s Talk Wealth creation’s two parts Published August 18, 2020           Updated November 1, 2021 Worries about money consumes the time, attention, emotional capacity, and freedom to really enjoy life from too many people for too much of their lives.  Whatever money issues you face become a financial burden […]

Why You Still Can’t Trust Your Financial Adviser

why you still can’t trust your financial adviser With the Fiduciary Rule in doubt, seeking professional advice on your money remains a dangerous proposition. Illustrator: Josh Freydkis Published June 7, 2017, 1:00 AM MDT Your new financial adviser has a well-decorated office, a firm handshake, and a bright smile. After an hourlong meeting, you leave […]

Why Your Gut is Wrong

Why your gut is wrong Published August 4, 2020           Updated November 1, 2021 YOU’LL ONLY WIN 33% OF THE TIME WHEN TRUSTING YOUR GUT Most untrained people lose 67% of the time when they follow their gut.  Why?  All humans hate losing MORE than they love winning. Researchers in behavioral […]