The Power of Aligning Your Strategy to Your Natural Trading Style

The Power of Aligning Your Strategy to Your Natural Trading Style

When you trade within your natural trading style, you know what to expect from your trading.  You stop focusing on the outcome of any one position and place your focus where it should be: on your system and following it exactly.  This gives you a big advantage in being able to evaluate your results and to predictably improve them. But it is important to choose a profile that fits your level of experience, your personality, your confidence and your current frame of mind about the markets.

Approaching the markets with a fuller understanding of the tradeoffs and opportunities associated with each Natural Trading Style will help you make adjustments to your trading strategies and investing time horizons as you gain experience and confidence.  We encourage you to practice trading with the Stop Loss and Profit Target ratios defined by your Natural Trading style using Chart  Game.

The next step of this lesson is to watch our Chart Game video to see what to do and then download the tracking spreadsheet of your style and run through a Chart Game scenario yourself.  In fact, we encourage you to run through a Chart Game simulation at least 3 times.  The more you do this, the more you’ll see that this “just works” and the more excited you’ll be to adapt other tactics to improve your trading edge in your own trading.

Other lessons get into more detail about natural trading styles, the strategies which correspond to each, and how you can optimize your efforts for greatest profitability.  In other words, we’ll show you how you can increase your natural trading style’s base winning percentage using simple and time-tested techniques.

Research has shown that the average American closest in age to retirement has only saved $25,000.  Anecdotal evidence shows how difficult it is for younger people to find great paying jobs and begin a career path leading to financial freedom.

The best way to catch up a retirement or have a financially freeing career is putting your money (even if it’s only a little bit) to work.  Being able to make 50% a year like Warren Buffett guaranteed makes it possible to become a millionaire in just 10 years just by starting with just $8,000.

Don’t wait.  The best time to have started this process was 30 years ago…the second best time is today!

Happy Trading!