Adapt or Die

Publishers must adapt to survive in today’s increasingly challenging regulatory environment.

Partnering with a high-touch, high-level educational program results in increased customer satisfaction and additional monetization. Our education is applicable to any and all asset classes or market trading approaches.

Since 2013, I have partnered with publishers to sell non-competing high-end education packages priced from $5k to $15k. Since then, I’ve paid over $12 million to our publisher partners. Our services have historically provided an additional $30-$90 a lead with zero additional expense or risk to the publisher. 

We’ve also helped our partners significantly reduce cancelations and increase renewals through education.




We're not an ordinary education company

Our education is both revolutionary and complimentary to your guru's strategy.

As important as trade alerts are for success, they are only part of a complete trading process.

A complete trading process first sorts the client into one of five risk profiles. Then it provides specific expectations about trade outcomes including such things as win/loss rate, losing streak size and frequency, and maximum expected drawdown size. 

We use a proprietary calculator to help students gain clear and specific expectations about their trading. Everything we do is tailored to the individual and helps them develop confidence in the alerts, their trading process, and themselves as a trader. This helps them build consistent, long-term success in the markets.

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What we ultimately provide is a highly specific, uniquely tailored, and complete approach to getting the most from the trade alerts you provide.

Please call Lincoln Holbrook at 801-979-7578 or email him at if you have an interest in exploring what we can do for you and for your clients.

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What Our Clients Think of Us

“[Lincoln] is just such an awesome teacher. We cannot speak more highly about what he is doing for us. … We would recommend this group to anyone who is interested in learning more about finance.”
Kim King
"You can see in column AU, all but one stock would have resulted in losses totaling about $36,000. I will say that your cost of [membership] has been definitely well worth it. You saved me $36,000."
Janice Page
"[This course] is by far one of the most comprehensive, easy to apply, and impressive rules based study: exactly what traders need in order to succeed."
Anne Small