The Dragons

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They know markets are random and move in unpredictable, unexpected, and sometimes volatile ways.


Becoming a champion trader might be difficult, but it is not impossible.

Over the course of this curriculum, we’ll teach you all the things you need to know to have consistent and repeatable results despite the market’s randomness.




Many people fantasize about having more money but few people can do it on their own. The journey towards success does require a sacrifice of time and energy. This journey is easier when walking it with others who understand what you’re going through and exactly what you need to achieve it. Walk this path with us!


While it’s true that markets are random and the outcome of any individual trade cannot be predicted with any accuracy, it’s also true that many trade outcomes can be predicted with a high degree of accuracy.

Together these lessons


You can have an expectation for annual rates of return and know exactly what steps to follow to achieve these results over the course of your trades that year. Expectations and the steps to follow are part of a Trade Process that you’ll develop over the course of the next few lessons. This Trade Process will be your key to financial freedom through consistent profits.


Together these lessons will help you develop your own specific and repeatable Trade Process.

Each stage of this course, like each stage of your investing process is equally necessary to achieve the desired outcome. Carefully progress through your training and avoid the temptation to skip steps.


While it’s true that individual trade outcomes cannot be predicted with any sort of accuracy, it’s also true that champion traders can predict trade outcomes over a number of trades with great accuracy. This is accomplished by the use of statistics and probabilities.

Your quest is to develop your trade process by going through the materials included in this course.



What you’ll find is that

Because of market randomness it’s impossible for anyone to predict with any sort of accuracy the outcome of any one trade. Yet outcomes over many trades can be predicted with a high degree of certainty through the use of statistics. The use of statistics provides the investor with an expectation about results


Most people employ a “set it and forget it” strategy of growing their money because it’s simpler to hire a professional money manager.


The secret to getting rich is compounding.


You might have heard “It takes money to make money” but this is incomplete.


The whole truth is, “Compounding money makes real money.”


The truth is, it’s no longer safe to sit inside the castle of your comfort zone believing that your retirement is on track. A recent poll found that 78% of Americans worry about their retirement and 22% have NO retirement at all!

If you are one of the many who feel underprepared for retirement you may feel ike making up lost ground is impossible. It isn’t. What few people understand and what we want you to know is that it almost doesn’t matter how much money you can start with or how much time you have left to invest….it’s possible to make up nearly any shortfall in savings or account size…when money works hard enough.

In the past it was very difficult for individual investors trading part time and from home to compound their own money faster than professionals they hired.…But that is no longer the case. New technologies and available strategies make it possible for smaller investors to significantly increase their rate at which their money works.

There are two components to compounding. The first and most familiar is the annual rate of return (ROI). The second is how frequently interest can be earned.

The difference between compounding at a higher annual ROI is staggering.

Let’s say you only have $10,000 and 10 years.

Compounding 10% annually yields $25,937.42.

Compounding 30% annually yields $137,858.49!

Most people understand that increasing the ROI makes a big difference to the end result…our example showed a $102,000 difference! But your ROI can even be higher when your money compounds more frequently than once a year.

Using the same numbers as previously, a 10% annual return, compounded at 0.83% a month yields $27,070.41 compared to $25,937.42 and 30% compounding at 2.5% a month yields $193,581.50 — almost $60,000 more than before!

But the quest for getting an increase in annual rates of return isn’t easy. Markets are random, they change direction, and the indicators and edge techniques that work today may stop working over time.

Despite the uncontrollable nature of the markets, those who understand probabilities and remain consistent in their approach make significant profits all the time. So take courage. With our help and your own efforts, you’ll eventually achieve your goal and feel the increasing security and confidence that comes from putting your money to work for yourself.

Initially the easiest ways to significant improve your annual ROI is to increase the number of trades you take and reduce the number and severity of losing trades.

This is one reason why the service you’ve subscribed to provides a number of high-quality trades each week.

The simple act of prioritizing your time to place these trades as they arrive will directly impact the speed and efficiency of accomplishing your quest and getting your money to work harder.

All that said, one big obstacle to finding success on your quest is simply human error. Your subscription will provide you the trades to take…but if you can’t take them, or if you make mistakes when placing them, they won’t help you and may actually even hurt you.

Poor judgement, paralysis, bias, distraction, laziness, misallocation of investment, holding on too long, and letting previous trade outcomes affect the next trade will all negatively impact your trading results and hinder your ability to compound your money at ever higher rates.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve taught thousands of people just like you how to invest profitably. We’ve distilled the lessons we’ve learned into a uniquely powerful approach.

Our approach teaches you about probabilities which brings order to the randomness of the markets. This simple shift lets you set an annual rate of return and gives you a set of expectations to guide your trading and help you avoid common mistakes caused by the affect of fear or greed on your trading.

No one likes to lose money in the markets. We all know how hard we’ve worked to earn that money. Yet because markets are random and constantly changing, there is no guarantee of return or even if we’ll be able to have our invested capital returned…

Yet doing nothing is even worse. The experts you’ve trusted have failed you. You already worry you might not be able to retire when you wanted (or at all).…and the only way to make up lost ground is for you to sally forth on your quest to become a millionaire trader.

Following through on the trades you get from your subscription and the rest of this curriculum will help you be consistently profitable in all market conditions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]