Natural Trading Style Assessment 9 questions

Natural trading style assessment

What is your natural trading style?

Most people who put their money to work in the markets make the mistake of thinking that any system will work for them. But this is simply not true. Some systems work better for some temperaments, backgrounds, life experiences, mental filters, and patterned emotional responses than others. Identifying what kind of trading fits you best is key to helping you be more consistent in your approach and make more profits in the markets.

Trading causes stress. It’s stressful to lose money. It’s stressful to lose out on profits when getting out too soon. It’s hard to consistently follow a system (and your trade plan) when individual trade outcomes frequently cause such radical emotional responses and confidence-destroying self-talk.

We believe the best way to overcome the natural stress caused by trading is to align your strategies and market tactics with your natural trading style where stress will actually help you make the right decisions.

Our research has identified three main trading styles:

  • Win Big – Base win rate: 33%, many small losses, a few big winners.
  • Just Win – Base win rate: 50%, wins and losses about the same
  • Win Frequent – Base win rate:  67%, many small gains, a few big losses

To determine your natural trading style, scroll down and answer a series of 9 questions.  Your responses are automatically tabulated and sorted into the three styles.  Click the button of the style with the most points to learn a little more about that style’s expected trading probabilities.