Tick sheet of what is included

Foundations – LIVE (M-Th, 1 hour classes – 2pm eastern)

Essentials – LIVE (M-TH, 30 minute classes – 10am eastern)

Everyday Trader – LIVE (T & Th, 30 minute classes – 4:30pm eastern)

Founder’s Fireside – LIVE (M & W, 30 minute classes – 11am eastern)


  • All classes are recorded and available as part of our Archives
  • All classes are interactive and students are encouraged to ask questions, make comments.


In addition to the live classes, the student will gain access to additional comprehensive education and tools such as:

Trade tool Research and trading platform access

Battle Plan self study

Essentials self study

Foundations self study

All live classes and self study curriculum teaches a trader how to become better traders on their terms, not following the herd.

This includes in-depth curriculum related to crafting a complete trading process and gaining significantly more control over their results.