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Subject: Open only if the rat race is killing you

You’ll never be a consistently successful trader until you understand this.

My name is Lincoln Holbrook and I’ve got a whopper of a secret to share with you.

Since 1998, I’ve taught over 10,000 traders the techniques used by some of the world’s best known and hugely successful traders… but something was missing.  

For years I thought the only thing a person needed to be successful was discipline in following those techniques. I thought that was the thing that separated those who succeeded from those who didn’t.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Starting in 2013 I got serious about figuring out what actually made the difference. I spent over $250,000 on research and interviewed over a 1,000 traders. 

What I found blew my mind, and it will rock your world!

I discovered something only the very best traders know… 

I discovered there are actually 7 points of control traders must understand and apply to consistently get insane results…and entry signals, or the edge techniques driving them, are only one of the 7.

Believe me, the most successful traders in the world don’t want you to know these things, and they don’t share them with anyone. 

Sure, they’ll tell you all about their edge technique… ‘identifying unusual option activity’, ‘following the dark pools’, ‘the three pillars of success’, etc. but it takes so much more than that. There are critical pieces they leave out. 

Now, they may not want you to know this stuff, but I figured it out on my own, so I can share if I want to. 

and I want to!  

Join my ‘Master Class’ to learn what only the Master traders know.

It’s what sets them apart from everyone else.

A solid financial future will not be created by a few lucky trades. It’s only achieved by consistent results that are both reliable and repeatable.

Join me, and I’ll share the whole secret… I’m leaving nothing out!


PS: Some of these secrets are already found in your Education Center. If you haven’t already, log in and go through the curriculum. It will prepare you for the Master Class.

Email 2

Subject: Stop feeling trapped!


You can’t save your way to freedom. 

The greatest lie Wall Street ever told is that being behind on retirement is your fault.

It’s actually possible to make less, save less, and still have financial freedom…but only if you (and not your advisor) trade your money the way I’ll show you in my all new 

 Consistent Profits Master Class


Tuesday, June 7th at 2pm Eastern:


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We all know the status quo of having someone else grow our money isn’t working. Unfortunately the alternative of trading it yourself isn’t working for most either.

Most traders look for quick profits and fear loss. But financial freedom isn’t created from a few lucky trades. 

The very best traders know that Success in the market is not about winning individual trades. Consistent long term success requires 7 things that have little to do with winning individual trades.

What if I told you that if you’ll control these 7 things it’s possible to turn $25,000 into $6 million in just 10 years, even if you LOSE 68% of your trades! 

Yes, I know how that sounds, but it’s true!

I’ll show you how in my up coming master class. You don’t want to miss it . 

The very best traders, the ones legends are made from, understand these 7 things and approach the market completely different that everyone else. 

I’ll show you how they do it. 

You’ll learn exactly what you need to do to achieve ridiculously consistent returns year in and year out regardless of market conditions .

Once you understand how to do this for yourself, your life will never be the same.

See you there!

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Email 3

Subject: Without this, trade alerts won’t really help you.


Have you ever wondered…

Why the Warren Buffets of the world make money in the market easily and consistently, while that kind of success seems so elusive to you?

Or how it is that two investors can use the same alert service and one makes money while the other loses? 

These questions used to really bother me.

So, in 2013 I embarked on a journey to find the answer.

What I discovered blew my mind and changed the course of my life forever…

Despite our best efforts and earnest hope otherwise, the market is both uncontrollable and unpredictable when we focus on individual trades… it only takes one trader acting on a belief that differs from yours to undo a pattern you thought was a sure thing. 

As soon as you think you know anything about how something will move in the future, you’re headed for trouble. 

I discovered the very best traders don’t delude themselves into thinking they know how something will move. 

You may be wondering ‘So then how do they consistently make money’?  

Because it turns out, results are highly predictable over a certain number of trades, IF, you implement the 7 things they’ve all learned to control…

You’re invited to my Master Class where I’ll share with you those 7 specific things you must control to create predictability, repeatability, and consistency in your trading.

The Consistent Profits Master Class


Tuesday, June 7th at 2pm Eastern:


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Profitable traders have very specific expectations about all aspects of their trading… 

They trust this process and follow it exactly…

I’ll show you how you can replicate their consistent and highly profitable trading process.

I hope to see you there!


PS:  See how you can lose 70% of your trades and still get a 50% annual rate of return.