Be Money Smart

Get control over your investing. Even though the markets are random, it’s possible to get predictable and reliable profits in a repeatable way. We’ve discovered 7 variables that you and only you can control. Together these variables provide a set of specific trading rules and expectations. We call this a trusted trading process.

Watch the videos below to see how random entries on random stocks provide a predictable win rate.

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Get the Consistent Profits advantage

Rig the market for your success.

  • Expand your tool belt.
    • Hours of curated content; live and archived.
  • Understand your risk level.
    • Most trade systems are generic. Ours is tailored to you.
  • Set realistic expectations for trade results.
    • Different risk levels and trading styles have different win rates.
  • Be Money Smart.
    • The system that has it all to teach you to Be Money Smart and protect the retirement of America. 
“[Lincoln] is just such an awesome teacher. We cannot speak more highly about what he is doing for us. … We would recommend this group to anyone who is interested in learning more about finance.”
Kim King

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“Any time we asked him a question, he always had the answer. and he’s always there whenever we’ve made appointments with him, he really makes us feel like a priority. We love working with him.”
Cherie Louise Bell
"You can see in column AU, all but one stock would have resulted in losses totaling about $36,000. I will say that your cost of [membership] has been definitely well worth it. You saved me $36,000."
Janice Page
"[This course] is by far one of the most comprehensive, easy to apply, and impressive rules based study: exactly what traders need in order to succeed."
Anne Small