Financial calculator

Financial freedom is determined by the rate of compounding over time.

Questions to consider:

  1. How much money do you have to trade (IRA, 401(k), etc.,) right now?
  2. How much are you saving each month?
  3. What was your annual return in these accounts last year? Over the past 5 years? Over the past 10 years?

The most important number of your financial life is your annual rate of return and Wall Street works hard to keep you from knowing yours.

How to use the calculator

  1. Compare the “Your Nest Egg” (currently $3,352,680) to what you’ll have if you depend on “Mutual Fund Average (4%)” (currently $39,844) or the “Market Average (10%)” (currently $67,676).
  2. Now make changes to the first three boxes to reflect your current situation (Press “Enter” key to recalculate).
  3. Compare the “Your Nest Egg” to the Mutual Fund and Market average amounts to see just how much has been stolen from you by professionally managed and poorly performing retirement accounts.
  4. Change the “Annual Return” number (currently 50) to 75 and then to 100 to show you how significant improvements to annual rates of return can make up for lost time (Press Enter to recalculate).

What you’ll discover is that the single biggest factor of wealth creation consistent compounding at a higher rate of return.

It’s possible for you to retire wealthy…but only if you care enough to take action now.

Our revolutionary new approach makes it simpler for even part-time, inexperienced people to begin getting much more consistent market results.