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Join me a couple of times each week to work through the common walls of resistance faced by those who embark on our journey. Becoming a consistently successful trader is simple…but not easy. Your comfort zone is compelling and hard to escape. Life will seem to get in the way. This class focuses on the emotional habits and ingrained thought process that can both support but also sabotage your efforts.

"The purpose of a complete trading process is that it gives you a set of realistic expectations, a comprehensive system of rules for repeatability, and a feedback loop which allows for improvement while also building confidence.                                             
Founder of Consistent Profits
Lincoln Holbrook

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Why Talent Is Overrated

There are no natural born traders. The best performers follow certain processes…read about them here.

Net Potential Profit Calculator

Use Firefox or Chrome. Getting specific about your trading helps you have a more productive and positive inner dialogue.

Why you can't trust your Advisor

Read how the American retirement system is broken and why it’s so imperative that you begin trading your own money… Bloomberg article.

Illusions by Richard Bach

Learning to see things from a different perspective helps you make the necessary behavioral shifts for becoming a consistent trader.


“Lincoln’s insights and trading systems are revolutionary. There is nothing else like it.”

-Scott Elder

(Investools, Inc. Founder)