My Battle Plan

You’ve chosen put your money to work for yourself. This is hard and also simple. Just like dieting or getting fit. It’s easy to get started, hard to keep going, and then easier to maintain once you’ve pushed through the initial resistance that will try to stop you from achieving your dream.

Our curriculum and educational process offers everything you need to approach Warren Buffet like returns…if you simply go through the steps we’ve laid out. We believe the best way to do this is by creating a Battle Plan for how you will achieve true financial freedom.

Your Battle Plan takes the big dream of financial freedom and breaks it into less intimidating, bite-sized steps you take each day, week, and month along the path to your dreams.  Creating a Battle Plan may itself feel like an overwhelming exercise…but don’t let that stop you. Just go through each lesson in this course, answering the questions as you go along and you’ll end up with a plan that will help you get from “here” where things aren’t as good as you want them to be, to “there” where you can retire financially free. We encourage you to make your Battle Plan a living document which you review frequently and update regularly as you learn more about the markets and gain more experience.   

As you begin, remember your biggest enemy (and potentially biggest ally) is the person in the mirror. You have spent a lifetime learning skills which can be useful as you begin to trade. However, you have also spent a lifetime establishing patterns of thinking and emotionally responding to pressure which can support and also sabotage your dream of financial freedom.  Your plan should include those things you believe can help you reach your goal and those things you’ll have to guard against.  Each lesson in this course will help you build your plan step by step. Approach each lesson without judgement. It doesn’t have to be perfect because you’ll be updating it as you gain experience.

While your Battle Plan is focused on your financial goals, take your education with us seriously.  Apply yourself to get as much out of it as you can. The mental approach and trading techniques we share will help you break through any glass ceilings (even sub-conscious ones) that might have prevented you from seeing success before. Remember, the magic of life is always is outside of your comfort zone.

This first step is to think about your “Why,” the big reason you’ve chosen to engage with us. You need something motivating enough to push through the inevitable resistance you’ll face as you begin. Write this as an aspirational statement as if it has already happened.  For example, “I have learned to produce a Warren Buffet guaranteed 50% annual gain, which allows me to retire much sooner than I anticipated.”

Once you have your mission statement down, exercise your mind in the process of mental creation.  Imagine (visualize) yourself where you want to be financially and begin to build backwards to where you are right now.  Identify the milestones you’ll celebrate, the weaknesses you have to guard against, and the commitments you need to make (and keep) in order for you to make the journey successfully.

It may be hard for some of you to impose this level of structure on your life….but success in the markets depends on fully embracing structure including setting (and following) stop loss and profit target orders, journaling, following a consistent (and repeatable) approach to your trades, regular practice with a paper trading account (and the eventual move to real money), and ongoing measurement of your results.  Remember, if it isn’t measured, it won’t improve.

Once you’ve spent some time pondering, click on “My Why” below and start writing. Don’t worry about it being perfect.  This is only for you and it won’t be graded.