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Turn $25k into $6 million in 10 years losing 68% of your trades!

It sounds crazy…but it’s true and I’ll prove it to you  during my master class.

My name is Lincoln Holbrook and I’ve got a whopper of a secret to share with you. 

It’s possible to get predictable, consistent, and reliable results from a random market…

Since 1998 my instructors and I have personally trained over 15,000 students how to make market profits. 98% of those students spent a lot of cash…but couldn’t reliably make any money. Starting in 2013 I spent $250,000 in R&D to figure out why. 

What I found blew my mind and it will rock your world…

Your entry price doesn’t matter.

You need to attend this Master Class if you…

  • Are tired of inconsistent results
  • Miss opportunities waiting for confirmation
  • Let FOMO or fear control your trading decisions
  • Are tired of praying for profits or hoping for perfect entries
  • Want predictable results, a reliable strategy, and a repeatable process


Without knowing any better, part-time traders think any system will work for them. This is not true. Your natural response to pressure may actually sabotage your success unless it aligns to your approach.

I’ll show you the 5 risk profiles our research discovered. I’ll share the 4 key areas that determine your annual rates of return…and how to dial them in to your unique situation. This is not a one size fits all…in fact, you’ve never seen anything like this before. 

You’ve been crippled as a trader. Those who should have helped you, failed. It’s time to break the cycle.

If you’re tired of “secret sauce” trading strategies that don’t work for you…join our Master Class.

The most successful traders have the most specific and technique oriented approach. I’ll show you how a focus on individual trade outcomes actually destroys profitability in the long run.

If you want consistent trading success, you need a specific and trusted trading process. I’ll show you exactly the small, specific adjustments you need to make for amazing returns…

As a bonus for signing up today, I’ll give you access to my one-of-a-kind calculator. 

We’ve all seen calculators that show how much you could have if your money compounded at various rates.

Our calculator takes that one step further by helping you see the specific elements that contribute to the expected rate of return.

What you’ll discover is that the lowest approach with the lowest win rate actually provides the highest profitability.

Let that sink in for a minute…

Let me show you how losing most of your trades is actually the biggest predictor of profitability…if you control all 7 elements correctly.

Getting a high annual rate of return is much simpler once you understand the 4 specific things that control it.

Sign up now. Otherwise you’ll miss out on the most revolutionary trading tool since the advent of computers.


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Your Master Class starts this Tuesday at 4pm eastern

As promised, here is our calculator. During our Master Class we’ll talk about each of the Natural Trading Styles and help you discover which one you are. 

In the meantime, just play around with the numbers. See for yourself how the Natural Trading Style that loses the most trades actually has the highest  expected annual rate of return.

Potential Profit Form
Trading Account Size $
Natural Trading Style
Base Win Rate %
Trading Edge %
Amount Risked per Trade %
Annual Trade Frequency
Potential Net Gain $
Expected Annual Return %
Starting Amount $
Years it can compound
Nest Egg $

7 Pillars of Control

  1. Entries and Edge Techniques
  2. Base Win Rate
  3. Amount Risked per Trade
  4. Annual Trade Frequency
  5. Allocation
  6. Asset Class
  7. Journaling

For those of you who want to get started now…schedule an appointment to discover your Natural Trading Style and discuss your unique situation.  

Schedule an appointment now

If you want to watch the Master Class and can't wait for Tuesday, here's recording: