Meet Lincoln Holbrook


Lose 68% of your trades and still turn $25k into $6 million in just 10 years!

It sounds crazy…but it’s true and I can prove it

Since 1998 my coaches and I have trained over 15,000 people the techniques used by the best traders. But 98% of students still struggled to get reliable and consistent results. So starting in 2013, I spent $250,000 on research to figure out why.

What I found blew my mind and changed everything

You need to attend this Master Class if you…

  1. Want consistent results
  2. Cut your profits short or let your losses run
  3. Miss out on trades as you wait for confirmation
  4. Let  fear control your trading decisions
  5. Are tired of praying for profits and hoping for a miracle
Founder of Consistent Profits


To the Founder of Consistent Profits MASTER CLASS where he’ll share with you the 7 things you must control to create predictability, repeatability, and consistency in your trading.

Lincoln discovered that to become consistently successful, traders must combine their market approach and emotional management into a single trading process. The traditional approach of learning a proprietary trading system in isolation from learning how to control emotions (especially the fear of loss) just doesn’t work.






predict your expected annual returns?
identify the levers you control to give you predictable results?
determine specific expectations about your trading results?
derive a set of trading rules from these expectations?
calculate your trading edge?

If you answered "no" to any of these...

Sign up today for the FREE…

7 years of research led to some surprising discoveries...

  • Trying to find the perfect entry actually hurts profitability
  • It’s possible to have consistent, predictable, results in a random market environment
  • The outcome of individual trades doesn’t matter to long-term success
  • A successful trading process can match results to expectations
  • Your natural responses to pressure may be sabotaging your trading…but the solution is simple
  • You control your trading outcomes far more than you realize

Nobody else teaches the stuff you’ll learn in this Master Class

It’s free to all of Money Map Press…Register now!


Success takes more than hope and prayers

Praying for quick profits or hoping to avoid losses isn’t the way to wealth. Securing your financial future can only be achieved by consistent, predictable results that are both reliable and repeatable.

Success is more than a few lucky trades

The most successful traders have the most detailed expectations about all aspects of their trading. They also understand their trading temperament and align their strategy to it.

Highly specific, predictable results are possible

Despite our best efforts, the market is both uncontrollable and unpredictable when focused on individual trades. Yet it’s highly predictable when you implement the stuff I’m going to share in my Master Class.

Become a consistently successful trader

Blindly trusting financial salespeople’s advice, “hope investing,” or “trial and error trading” can cost you your retirement. Attending this Master Class could SAVE it!

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