Battle Plan Education Goals

Getting the most out of your education

Your biggest enemy (and potentially biggest ally) is the person in the mirror. You have spent a lifetime learning skills which can be useful in your trading. However, you have also established patterns of thinking and have developed emotional responses to pressure and stress which might also sabotage your efforts to put your money to work consistently and successfully.

A major step forward in your financial life is to take your education with us seriously. Apply yourself with intention to the lessons and classes available to you. Remember Geoff Colvin’s explanation about the best performing people…they engage in all aspects of their chosen field (even the painful ones they’re not good at) with “deliberate practice.” This form of practice involves the mind in the process of improvement. As you engage your mind in the curriculum, you’ll be learning what to do to make money and something deeper…the ability to implement the things we teach into your trading in a consistently profitable way.

Apply yourself to get as much out of the curriculum and resources available to you as you can. Avoid the temptation to skim through them with a “yeah, I already know that” mentality. A serious study of the mental approach and trading techniques we share will help you break through any “glass ceilings” (even sub-conscious ones) that limit your potential and blind you to opportunity.

Much like the rest of the Battle Plan, deeply ponder the questions below and write well-considered answers allowing yourself to commit to a course of action specific to consuming the education and making it part of yourself.