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Meet Lincoln Holbrook

Since 1998, Lincoln and his coaches trained over 15,000 people the techniques used by the best traders. But 98% of students still struggled to get reliable and consistent results. So starting in 2013, he spent upwards of $250,000 on research to figure out why…

Founder of Consistent Profits

Lincoln discovered that to become consistently successful, traders must combine their market approach and emotional management into a single trading process. The traditional approach of learning a proprietary trading system in isolation from learning how to control emotions (especially the fear of loss) just doesn’t work.

CAN YOU… Predict your expected annual returns?

CAN YOU…  Calculate your trading edge?

CAN YOU… Generate specific expectations about what results should look like?

CAN YOU… Derive a set of trading rules from these expectations?

CAN YOU… Get consistent and predictable returns?

If you answered “No” to any of these…

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7 years of research led to surprising discoveries…

You can have consistent, predictable results in a random market environment. The outcome of individual trades doesn’t matter.

If you want to be a best performing trader and change your financial life through the markets, you need to focus on the process of following your trade plan exactly and not be emotionally reactive to the most recent trade outcomes. This is especially true when you experience losses. All traders lose money…the successful ones remain focused on and confident in their trading process as they continue following it exactly to place trades.

Most people are intimidated about the markets. This is natural because the markets move in random ways and most people haven’t studied to become full time traders. They know they need to prepare for retirement so they work hard to earn more money and they pay professionals to manage (and grow) their money. Yet these professionals have failed. Over the past 20 years, they’ve returned on average only 4% annually after fees.

At some point in life, people wake up to the fact that they won’t have as much as they expected when they retire and so they feel pressure to begin trading their own money hoping for a better result in a sort of “last-ditch” effort to change their unhappy economic reality.

So they begin to research the best ways to trade their own money. Yet this is also confusing because so many companies make such big promises about their “easy,” “proven,” “secret,” or “highly-successful” trading systems. The unfortunate thing is that all of these systems lack training in key areas that are crucial to success.

This is why Lincoln has seen only a few people actually have consistent market profits and trade their way to financial freedom.

Most part-time traders begin their trading journey feeling a pressure to catch up their accounts quickly. Many in the financial world prey on this desire by pitching compelling opportunities for turning small amounts of money into big profits quickly.

Yet this emphasis on perfect entries does nothing for the individual seeking to grow their accounts. Worse, it actually hurts their ability to become profitable traders. The truth is that entries are only one aspect of a systematic and repeatable trading process that provides consistent profits in a repeatable way.

The pressure to find perfect entries becomes an irrational focus on the outcome of individual trades.

It might seem logical that focusing on individual trade outcomes and working to keep each of these outcomes profitable is the best way to be a successful trader. But this isn’t true.

In our experience, most people have no idea how to create realistic expectations about what their results should look like. Nor do they understand how to gain predictability in a random market through the use of statistical probabilities. They are surprised by the control they can exercise to get consistent and predictable returns using a process that is both measurable and repeatable.

Once they are exposed to these concepts they become excited about their trading and begin to feel more confident about their financial future; often for the very first time.

Once you learn what to do and make the behavioral shifts required to actually do it, you begin to take control of your financial future. This is important because individual traders with smaller accounts can get far higher annual returns independent of any financial advisor.  

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