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Finally, a Stock Trading System that Works for Everyone

Experience it For Yourself with this Free Offer

Hi, my name is Scott Elder. In 1996 I founded of Online Investors Advantage; which would later become Investools, Inc. after going public. In its humble beginnings, one of the earliest people to join our team was Lincoln Holbrook. He was one of our top instructors and a key contributor to our investing training courses. Lincoln helped grow Investools to become the largest investor education company in the world.

An Alarming Number of People Were Not Achieving Success

Through our intensive seminars, Lincoln taught people all over the world how to  use the simple techniques we developed to successfully trade stocks and options. Our courses were designed with the objective to help everyone retire early and financially independent.  Despite how simple our system was to learn and follow, there was something missing that kept an alarming number of people from actually following it to achieve success.

Lincoln Wanted all of His Students to Succeed

As a conscientious instructor, Lincoln had concerns that not everyone who bought our program managed to make money with it. Because he felt a personal responsibility to help all of his students succeed, he took it upon himself to find out what was missing so that everyone could succeed. After carefully going through every detail of our trading system he determined it wasn’t the system. The method we taught was time-tested and proven which worked if followed as taught.  So what kept some people from not following the system as taught?

People Were Unknowingly Sabotaging their Own Success

It became Lincoln’s quest to find what was keeping people from following our simple and successful system to achieve success in the stock market and fix it. After talking to many of his students he began to see a recurring theme. He had other instructors and investing coaches talk to their students. Their findings concurred with what Lincoln had discovered… despite their best intentions of finding success with trading and investing and their willingness to spend big bucks on educational programs such as ours, people were subconsciously sabotaging their own success.

We Underestimated the Power of the Strongest Enemy to Successful Trading

We knew emotions were an enemy to successful stock trading. But we thought we had taken emotions out of the equation with a simple, proven and easy-to-follow trading system… just follow the system and it works. No need to let your emotions get in the way. We were wrong. We underestimated one of the deepest and strongest emotions – the fear of loss. The fear of loss is the enemy to successful stock trading. And it turns out that pretty much everyone has a fear of loss.  It’s just that we all have it at different degrees. And the stronger the fear, the harder it is to make money trading stocks or options.

So Lincoln set out to help people overcome their fear of loss trading stocks. After months of studying this emotion and reading just about everything he could find on the psychology of trading, he wrote a book, “Emotional Habits of the Successful Investor.” This was a good start. And traders who read his book benefited immensely through increased profits in their trading. But in time he realized it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t helping everyone. Too many people still struggled to have consistent market profits.

Shortly after Investools went public, I made the mistake of bringing on a “Wall Street” CEO who fundamentally changed the mission of the company. So I, and several others who were with us from the beginning – including Lincoln – resigned. As a founder, my separation agreement contained a non-compete clause. But Lincoln was free to continue his work to develop a successful investing system for every trader -even those with the highest level of the fear of loss.

In 2013 he launched Lincoln Institute of Financial Education (LIFE), to continue helping all investors become successful traders.  Since this time Lincoln has worked directly and indirectly, with more than 7,000 students and has spent over $250,000 researching how to help every trader succeed. From this he identified the 10 roadblocks that most people have and how to overcome them. 

The 10 Wealth-Building Roadblocks

  1. Stress about money. This stress, coupled with the fear of losing their money, makes it hard for people to stick with a trading system — even one that is time-tested and proven.
  2. Belief that making more money will fix their financial situation.  Of the two parts of the wealth creation cycle, most people tend to over-emphasize income generation. They tend to focus so much on earning a living that they can’t make any money. The truth is, unless you’re an overpaid CEO of a large company, you can’t earn enough income to enjoy a comfortable retirement.
  3. Lack of understanding of how compounding returns impact their investments. It doesn’t matter how much you earn or save, compounding at a high enough rate of return in the stock market will overcome most financial limitations and can provide a very comfortable retirement. Anyone can retire a millionaire if they understand and apply this principle in their investing.
  4. Using professional money managers whose goals aren’t aligned with yours. Most money managers are focused on building their own retirement, not yours.
  5. Fear of tracking their annual rate of return on their investments. This is the single most important number of your financial life…it trumps any amount of earnings or savings. Wall Street tries to hide this number from you. If you don’t know this number or can’t improve it, you’ll never be able to retire comfortably.
  6. Jumping from one trading system to another continually looking for the one that will make them rich quick and never lose. It doesn’t exist. People who do this are wasting both their money and their time.
  7. Not having (or following) a trading plan that takes into consideration market dynamics and real-world results which causes people to be whipsawed into or out of trades at the wrong time as their emotional reaction to the most recent trade outcome affects their decisions in the next trade.
  8. Not keeping a trade journal to track their trades. This is an “if it’s not tracked, it can’t be improved” issue. Journaling trades is the only way to remain consistent, learn from mistakes, improve results over time, and to keep centered and focused on the annual return goal despite [expected] losing trades along the way.
  9. Lack of confidence in their trading plan to stay the course during volatile markets.
  10. Not having a clear understanding of the statistical probabilities of their chosen system’s expected gains and losses, winning and losing streaks, annual percentage gains, or expected base winning percentage which they can then improve year after year.

The Trading Process and Emotional Management Need to Be an Integrated System

Lincoln discovered that for people to overcome these roadblocks and become consistently successful traders, the market approach and emotional management needed to be combined as single trading system; each reinforcing the other. The traditional approach of learning a proprietary trading system in isolation from also learning how to control emotions (specifically the fear of loss) just doesn’t work. 

My Consistent Profits is a Trading System Tailored to Your Risk Level

To solve this problem Lincoln developed My Consistent Profits — a trading system that takes into account the statistical probabilities of the markets and the fear of loss level of the trader. This fear of loss level is also known as risk level — the level of risk you’re willing to take. Lincoln’s revolutionary system provides each trader a sophisticated understanding of market probabilities and gives them statistically relevant expectations about trade results tailored to their risk level.

For the first time it’s possible to use the same sophisticated statistical probabilities employed by the pros in your own part-time trading. With this knowledge you can confidently create (and follow) a trading plan that will give you a consistent annual return — profits from your trades — because you have a consistent way to approach to the markets.

For example. If you have a high fear of loss and you want little or no risk you can have a trading plan that targets a 7 to 12 percent annual rate of return. If you have a moderate fear of loss, you can have a trading plan that targets a 20 to 30 percent annual rate of return. And if you have a low fear of loss, you can have a trading plan that targets 30 to 50 percent rate of return. 

Choose Your My Consistent Profits Trading Plan Based on Your Risk Level

Lincoln calls these three trading plan levels “Win Frequent” (low to no risk), “Just Win” (medium level of risk), and “Win Big” (higher level of risk). What makes this trading system even better,  is that you can start with a low to no risk plan and easily move to a higher risk plan. Once you gain confidence in the plan your fear level decreases and you move up to a plan that gives you a higher return. 

Through a short nine question assessment you can quickly find out what level of risk you’re comfortable with and what type of trader you are. Knowing this gives you a clear expectation for four key  trading metrics.

The Four Key Trading Metrics

  1. Base Winning Percentage
  2. Length of winning and losing streaks
  3. The size of gains compared to the size of losses
  4. The number of winners compared to the number of losers over the course of 200 trades

If You’ve Tried Other Trading Systems and Failed – It’s NOT YOUR FAULT!

Lincoln found that anyone can be consistent in their trading — creating a consistent profit with their trades — once they learned how to consistently focus on the process of following their trade plan and not be swayed by the outcome of individual trades. If you’ve tried other trading systems and failed — It’s not your fault. The truth is they failed you. It’s not that their intent was for you to fail. Their failure was unknowingly built into their design.  These other trading programs teach strategies to gain an edge in the market. But if you don’t know how to be consistent in your trading and don’t have confidence in your ability to be consistent — and if these programs don’t align with your natural mental and emotional self — they simply won’t work for you.

Failure is Unknowingly Built Into Most Trading Systems

What I’ve learned from Lincoln, is that our system at Investools had this design flaw with failure built into it. It’s not that we didn’t care that our system failed people, it’s that we didn’t know any better at the time. We honestly thought that people failed our system. And frankly, that is the thinking of most, if not all, providers of other trading systems. It’s actually the opposite… the system failed them.

I Can’t Help Our Former Students… But I Can Help You

And now, thanks to Lincoln, I know this. I can’t go back and help all of the people who went through our program many years ago, but I can help people today who are looking for a way to profit in the stock market in order to build wealth and create a comfortable retirement.  Lincoln’s insights and trading system are revolutionary. There is nothing else like it. Which is why I wanted to write this letter for him.

You Can Prove Lincoln’s My Consistent Profits Trading Program For Yourself – For FREE

But you don’t have to take my word for it.  Lincoln wants to share with you his simple plan for generating consistent profits trading stocks and options. He doesn’t want you to just take my word for it either. He wants you to prove it for yourself. So Lincoln has put together a comprehensive My Consistent Profits Introductory Trading Program that he’s giving away for free.

Lincoln’s Free My Consistent Profits Introductory Trading Program Includes:

  1. FREE Calculator to see the massive impact of even small increases to your annual returns
  2. FREE Nine Question Assessment to quickly identify your risk level comfort zone
  3. FREE Chart Game to prove the statistical relevance of his program to yourself
  4. FREE downloadable trading journals for “Win Frequent,” “Just Win,” and “Win Big” levels of trading
  5. FREE Market’s Random Rewards Video
  6. FREE Weekly Training Webinar

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Lincoln’s “My Consistent Profits” Trading Program Can Help You Retire Early and Retire Rich

When I left Investools, I couldn’t start another investing education company and I didn’t want to go to work for someone else. One of the benefits of starting a company that taught people how to trade stocks  – – “to retire early and retire rich” —  is that I knew how to invest in the stock market and manage my own portfolio. So when I left I had no need to start another business or work for someone else. I could just continue trading and managing my own portfolio. To use Lincoln’s descriptions, at first I was a “Just Win” trader. As my portfolio grew I no longer needed to take the risks for the bigger returns and switched to a “Win Frequent” trader.

Lincoln has carried on the original mission of our company of teaching people how to invest in the stock market so that you too can retire early and retire rich. Take advantage of this limited time offer to get Lincoln’s Introductory “My Consistent Profits” trading program for Free.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row row_height_percent=”0″ override_padding=”yes” h_padding=”4″ top_padding=”1″ bottom_padding=”2″ overlay_alpha=”50″ gutter_size=”3″ column_width_percent=”100″ shift_y=”0″ z_index=”0″][vc_column column_width_percent=”100″ align_horizontal=”align_center” gutter_size=”3″ overlay_alpha=”50″ shift_x=”0″ shift_y=”0″ shift_y_down=”0″ z_index=”0″ medium_width=”0″ mobile_width=”0″][vc_button size=”btn-xl” button_color=”color-FFC95F” radius=”btn-round” shadow=”yes” shadow_weight=”std” border_width=”0″ link=”url:%2Fauth%2Fsignup%2Fintro” button_color_type=”uncode-palette” uncode_shortcode_id=”138697″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_lead=”yes”]

Get started today. It’s Free. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

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