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Revise My Battle Plan

Congratulations for continuing your journey towards financial freedom by revising your Battle Plan to incorporate the new things you’ve learned about you. The best businesses in the world believe that substantial improvements are best made through a process known as “Kaizen” or a state of constant, never-ending improvement.  It’s the same in your trading.  Whatever your baseline annual return, it can (and will) be improved as you continue doing the little things each day that you’ve outlined in your Battle Plan.

As you revise your Battle Plan, remember the four “C’s” to help you:

  1. Calibration:  What mental and emotional wiring is holding you back and what is helping you move forward as a trader?
  2. Connection:  How will you connect your education to practical application?
  3. Condition:  How do you measure your efforts so they can be improved?
  4. Contribution:  How will you give back to your class and fellow students?

Each time you come to this page and revise your Battle Plan, it will be saved HERE where you can also see  previous versions to help mark your progress towards your goals.

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