Option Strategies

There are a great number of inventive strategies for using options in various ways and in various market conditions. Options can be bought and sold singly or combined with other options in defined strategies. Our TradeTool has some built in searches to help you find opportunities for a range of strategies and market approaches. 

It might seem confusing or overwhelming, but there is no need for worry. We’ll teach you about each strategy as we use it to make paper trades in class. Each strategy makes tradeoffs between profit potential and potential for loss. Adopting the strategies that best fit your Natural Trading Style will help you focus on those few strategies you should begin with. These strategies (and your Natural Trading Style) can be considered your home base. 

Start practicing with options using strategies and combinations that fit your style now. You can always cautiously expand into other probability profiles with their corresponding strategies, base winning percentages, and expected winning/losing streaks after you’ve gained confidence in your natural style and have begun making consistently profitable trades.

Non-Directional Option Strategies

Directional Option Strategies